Sunday, July 5, 2009

Since it was kids day at the Renaissance Festival today (meaning the kids were free!), we decided to go there today. It was a lot of fun. We ran into several of our friends. Beth, Ray, and Olivia all wanted to do the bungee. Ray decided afterward that he didn't like it so much. The girls thought it was a blast though.

The entrance to the festival.

Livi and her flower crown

Ray and his walking stick.

This ride was called da Vinci's Flying Machines. We were surprised at how fast they could get that thing going.

Ray decided not to ride this one, so Trey rode it with Louis and the girls. The guys who pushed these things were working their butts off!!!

Random pictures from the day and of some of our friends who we met there.

This ride was the jousting ride. The kids got on at the top, then rode to the bottom and tried to get the ring from the dragon with the jousting stick. Louis rode without the stick! Beth got the ring, but it fell off.

These guys were a lot of fun. They really got into their music! A belly dancer came on stage for one song. Louis loved the drums and Olivia loved the belly dancer!

The last show we watched - Barely Balanced.

A beautiful red tail hawk that had been rescued. The rescue organization had a hawk and two owls there to raise awareness and donations.

Pictures from the parade.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th of July

After a day full of rain, it cleared off, so that the fireworks could go on as scheduled! There was a beautiful moon out when we left. We went to the school park near Bicentennial to see the fireworks. It was 58 degrees!

A couple more gratuitous happy baby pictures! She's six weeks old now - whoa.