Friday, July 23, 2010

The B'Shaloms visit!

Our dear friends: Miryam, Joey, Hannah, Benji, Jonah, and Gavi moved to Portland, Oregon last year, and we miss them lots. It was such a great pleasure to get to spend the afternoon with them when they came back to Denver for a visit. I'm so glad they were able to move to a place that makes them happy even if they're far away. Thank goodness for Facebook, so I can still follow their lives! Plus, I think Miryam's mom and dad still live here, so they HAVE to come visit sometimes, right? :-)

I had to get the short video of Theresa while we were at the park because she was just too funny!

Father's Day

Yea, yea, I know. I'm a little behind. I just got the pictures downloaded though! We decided that it was high time to take the kidlets up Pike's Peak, so we went on father's day. Trey and I have been up Pike's Peak three times, but all three times happened within the first year that we lived here. We'd never been since then. We decided to drive up (because it is WAY cheaper, and you have more than 20 minutes at the top). We stopped at the reservoir on the way up. It was so beautiful and peaceful. It was quite cool at the top as well. We could see the smoke from the Royal Gorge fire from the top. On the way down we saw marmots and a fox. It was a really fun day.

Girls' new haircuts

Beth Ann has had long hair for her entire life. She finally decided that she wanted to cut it off! I only asked her about 25 times, "Are you sure???" She was sure. So, we went to the salon where our friend Carrie's cousin Jenny works, and she cut it all off for her. Turns out she had enough to donate. She was very proud to be able to do that. Livi got her hair cut, too. They both loved Jenny and have decided that we ALWAYS have to go to Jenny to get a haircut!