Monday, September 8, 2008

Birthday Party!

We had Louie's birthday party this weekend. I think he had a really great time. There were 16 kids total. When he was born, I was worried about him having friends his own age! I was worried for nothing because he has several friends his age. I was going to have the kids sing some songs and have a little musical parade, but they were all way more interested in playing, so we just let them play! Then we ate, sang happy birthday, and had banana cupcakes. Most of the kids did play the "pin the baseball on the ball field" game, and they seemed to like the tattoos! I love throwing parties for my kiddos. I really never care if they turn out like they're planned - I just want them to be fun, and I want the kids to feel special. So, based on that criteria - I think the party was a success! Here's some pictures from it -

I want to add this picture of Tessa and Louie. She made this blanket for him for his birthday. It was so sweet!

I have a cute little video of Louis playing "Pin the ball on the ball field," but I can't upload it to YouTube right now. I'll try to get it on tomorrow.

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