Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last first day and first "fun" day!

Today was Olivia's first official day at preschool - her last year before kindergarten. I kept telling her that she didn't have to go - that she could stay home with me! She wouldn't go for it though. I'm really glad that she loves preschool so much. She has great teachers, and it is a wonderful school. It's just hard to let her go. It's just another part of growing up, and we know how okay I am with them all growing up! I didn't even have to prompt her about getting ready this morning. I was going to have her get dressed after we got home from dropping off Beth Ann and Ray, but when I got out of the shower - she was dressed in her first day of school clothes! Isn't she beautiful?

We actually got some with mommy and with daddy pictures this morning! You can see who takes the best pictures, right? LOL.

Here she is in front of her school and with her teacher, Mrs. Norris. Mrs. Norris also taught Ray two years ago.

I'm trying to get very organized. With four children going different directions all the time and two adults trying hard to carve out time for themselves, I have to be organized or get drug under! I chose to be a stay at home mom though, so that I could send quality time with my children, not just quantity time. I have planned one day a week (one of the two that Olivia is home) as a "fun day." I try to dedicate a good chunk of the day to taking the little ones somewhere and having fun. We have several memberships - zoo, nature and science museum, the children's museum, and the aquarium. I try to make good use of them during the year! For our first "fun day," Livi wanted to go to the Children's Museum, so we did. The kids had a blast grocery shopping, being firefighters, and playing in the center for the young child.

(Notice the bottle of dish washing liquid they brought me with my meal? So, apparently after I eat I have to wash my own dishes. Kind of like being at home! LOL.)

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