Tuesday, February 10, 2009

27 weeks

Well, I guess I haven't been too chatty this past week! Oops. I did get another belly shot today - in exactly the same clothes as last week. LOL. I suppose I have a sparse wardrobe. Baby T is lower this week, and I think you can actually tell a difference in size from last week. I saw the midwife today and Baby T is measuring perfect, heartbeat is perfect, she's head down, all my stats are perfect - I've gained a total of 9 pounds - everything's looking great!


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

You look so good! I loved getting to the 27/28 week mark. Felt like a big burden just lifted off my shoulders. Being a L&D nurse for so many years and seeing what the early and micro preemies had to fight against it always felt like a victory to get past that!
Will you deliver at home with a midwife or in hospital? I had a midwife delivery with my two and I loved her. I would choose to do it at home should we have another one(which we aren't planning on doing). After Colton's birth we were literally in our own home 25 hours later. Mark looked at me and said "we should have just done that here!"

Misty said...

Yea - every week that passes from now until the end - I breathe a little easier! I'll deliver at home. My last two were at home. My first two were hospital deliveries with midwives, but the difference was unbelievable. I'd never go back to a hospital without a very clear cut medical reason.