Tuesday, February 17, 2009

kumpi pet food

For the past four days, I have been working at a local health food store called Vitamin Cottage. I have been working for a company called kumpi which sells pet food. I am handing out samples and talking to people about the pet food. I saw an ad on Craig's List needing product demonstrators that I answered. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about the job. I didn't want to answer an ad for a company that I would feel bad about representing - then I would have to decide what to do. When I met with the owner of kumpi pet food, I knew right away that it was a company I could not only work for, but I would feel good working for. Evy Serpa is the name of the owner. She has a passion for having a pet food that is healthy and will help pets stay healthy. She uses high quality products with no artificial flavors, steroids, hormones, etc. It is a pet food that uses whole foods. She has had offers from corporations to buy her out, but she is passionate about the product and has chosen to to keep it local. She wants to make sure that the product stays high quality. I have absolutely no problem talking to people about this product, and actually, I enjoy it. I feel good about spreading the word about kumpi, and I think it shows to the people I am talking to. I have had excellent feedback in just the four days I have been working. If you have pets, and they're a part of your family as ours are, I would encourage you to check out this product. It's fabulous. kumpi


Loelle said...

THat is great, Misty. I'm so glad that you found someplace to make money where yo can believe in the product. And hanging out at VC can't be all that bad, either ;-p

PS You are confusingme with the changing names of your blogs. If you cahnge the ip name, let m eknow!

Robin said...

18 days?! Did I miss a memo? Isn't the sale over Saturday?

Hey, can I put a link to your blog, or to your food blog?

Misty said...

Heh heh - no, I just can't count, and I haven't gone back and changed it. And, sure you can!