Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Trip

We went camping outside of Fort Collins this weekend. We caught a real break on the rain. It poured on the way up to the campground, and it took us over two hours to get there which was a real pain. It stopped raining about ten minutes before we got there though, and it barely rained the whole time we were up there. I'm going to skip on the bitching and moaning about the idiots we ran into at the campground because I'm just too tired. I'll probably spend a post ripping them soon but not tonight! Tonight I'm going to focus on the great day we had on Saturday.

The campground had a great playground, and the kids had so much fun there. Ray made a friend right away, and I was so happy! He doesn't always make friends right away like his sisters, so I've been a little nervous about him going to a new school this year. He hit if off right away with this other boy. They had a blast playing. Here's a couple of videos of the kids at the playground. They loved it when Trey gave them a push on the merry go round. The called him the "Big Guy."

After an early lunch, we went into the canyon to find a hiking trail. We found a nice one, and we spent a couple of hours hiking up the canyon and back.

After we finished our hike, we went down to a popular hang out spot on the Poudre River. We played in the river for a while before we went back to the camp.

We came home exhausted, but overall, we had a good trip!

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