Sunday, December 14, 2008

A different focus..

I have been posting a lot on my food blog and not as much on this blog lately. It reflects on my change of focus lately. For the first few months of this pregnancy, I was so sick. Lately, I have been feeling much better - still tired - but SO much better. I'm passionate about feeding my family healthy food (which includes baby Squishy!), and I can finally do that again. I don't have tons of energy yet. That is getting better, and I'm sure that being able to eat healthier is helping. So, I haven't spent much time on this blog lately.

Here's some pictures of the birthday boy with a couple of his Lego projects (birthday gifts that he loved!).

Livi "helped" Daddy with his Lego Mindstorm, so she had to have her picture taken with Daddy and the robot!

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