Thursday, December 4, 2008

Finding Zen

I think I have been sick for so long that it is really starting to wear me down. My life feels so chaotic because I just haven't been able to take care of things. Luckily, I am starting to feel well enough to at least make lunches and cook dinners. I watched a TV program that I had recorded today while working on a present. It's called Living Fresh with Sara Snow. I love the show. It is fabulous. In one that I watched today, Sara was talking about how we need to take time for ourselves because usually everyone else gets taken care of, and we come in last. So true! I decided that even though I had tons of things to do that were probably "more important," I would take some time and focus on my bedroom. When Louis was born, I had created a little Zen Heaven in my bedroom, and it was so peaceful, and I loved being in there. Lately, my room seems to have become the dumping ground for everything. We had company, so the laundry that didn't get folded got put there along with other things. My room had become a stressful place to be instead of a relaxing one. So, I took some time today and really cleaned it out. Things got thrown away, toys got put up, clothes got folded and put up, things that had a home in another place got put back. It is a much more peaceful place. I'm sitting in here now with the lights off, the candles lit, and my son snoozing peacefully beside me. My life isn't anywhere near being rid of the chaos, but for tonight - after a long, pregnancy-safe temperature bath, and a lovely massage from my darling husband - I am relaxing in my peaceful bedroom and finding a few moments of Zen.

And for fun - more pictures. Trey bought this little outfit for Louis, and I think it's adorable (and fitting! LOL.)

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