Thursday, May 21, 2009

The graduate

Tonight was Olivia's preschool graduation. I have some videos of the songs they sang, but they still have to uploaded to YouTube, so I'm just going to post pictures tonight. Thanks to our crappy camera and computer, not all of the pictures uploaded either. Oh well - I have some cute ones!
The first one is the annual kidlet picture in front of the plants by the school. Yes, we are missing a kid in this picture because Ray decided to be a terd and not get in the picture.

Here's a cute one of Livi and her Daddy.

This is Livi and her best friend at preschool - who, we found out tonight, will be going to kindergarten at St. Mark's, too! Hooray.

There is always a big congratulations cake for after the ceremony.

I'll try to get the videos on YouTube tomorrow, so that I can post them, but this is it for tonight because I'm beat!


mom said...

How darn cute are those pictures, and Trey is trying to out smile me right? Har De Har Har! Olivia looks so proud and she should be. Hope you are still in Labor today and stay that way for it's time! Come on Miss Tessy we are waiting, but don't have a long labor okay!!!
Lighting another candle for you! The house is a blaze most of the time any more! Hee! Hee!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

What a big girl, she looks so cute and proud!