Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick garden update

It's finally getting to planting season here in Colorado! Of course, it's also getting to be "baby having" season at our house, so we'll see what gets done in the next couple of weeks! LOL. What we do have planted is doing really well though. We're going to try and put some stakes out for our pea plants this weekend. They're doing really well. The kids are so excited to see them growing. The peas are the first picture. The second picture is of our first batch of lettuce (in the front) and spinach (in the back).

We also have planted rosemary, sage, a second batch of lettuce, mache, and carrots. We have two kinds of basil planted in egg cartons that we'll be transplanting in a couple of weeks. I would be remiss in not mentioning the two bean plants that, so far, the cat has not completely killed growing in the kitchen window. Olivia planted these in Sunday school several weeks back (way too soon!). We're going to need to transplant those somewhere in the garden soon as well.

I also want to post an update on our compost bin. It's starting to really cook. Trey was stirring it today, and we could feel the heat coming off it. It was very cool. It's also starting to make some great dirt. I'm not sure how much you can see in the pictures, but it's really doing well!


Loelle said...

Looks great! I have tomatoes (just roma-types) and peppers (all kinds - except bell, I only got one seedling) for you, they need about another week or so before planting (I am hardening them off as we speak).Maybe an eggplant too? If they make it ;-p
I just started some zucchini and cantaloupe seeds inside, you can plant those directly in your garden next week, but I might have a few extras for you too.

tara said...

Great garden!!