Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More pictures!

Thought I'd post some more pictures of the world's most peaceful and content baby! With all the doting she receives, it's easy to see why she's so peaceful and content! :-)


mom said...

Love the Video, she is just wonderful and to hear your voice just tops it off, Say who is Sandi Shedell Quam ? I just can't remember but I know I know her so she is a friend on my face book. Crazy Right??? Love the pictures of the Kids bet they just couldn't stand it until they got home from school to get their hands on Tessy!

tara said...

awww those pictures are just sooo adorable :) I am so happy that you are getting an amazing baby-moon. You guys look so happy :)

veganf said...

Look at her looking around now! So sweet.