Monday, June 22, 2009

Day with friends and our new pool!

We bought a new pool for the kidlets yesterday. Trey decided to get a big nice one, and they loved it! Some of our friends came over today, and the kids played in the pool ALL DAY LONG! I had the brain storm to put some water in the little turtle (supposed to be a sand box) and have the kids step from it into the pool, and that way hopefully keep the water much cleaner. It worked! I am amazed at how clean (relatively) the pool stayed. Woo hoo! Score one for Mom. Here's some pictures from today.

After everyone left, Louis came in the room where I was sitting, laid on the floor and fell asleep! Man, I wish he was that easy all the time. LOL.

And since she is so cute AND one month old today *sniff* - here are some new pictures of Miss Theresa. The first two are from today. The next one is from a couple of nights ago. She was just chilling out with her brother.

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