Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of the school year program

Ray just finished his first year at Heritage Elementary. He had great teachers. I am so grateful for the wonderful people at Heritage. With Ray's speech problems and the fact that he's a little behind in reading, I was worried about him getting down on school. His teachers were wonderful though. They worked with him at his level, and he made great progress, and he really enjoys reading! Ray may have some struggles with reading, but his math skills are advanced, and his teachers were really good at helping him be proud of that. This picture is of Ray and his reading/English teacher Ms. Jaret.

In this picture, Ray is with his math/science teacher Ms. Kirsch.

After the end of the year program, the kids got to have some fun! There was food, popsicles, face painting, and wacky, colored hair spray!

Beth Ann's friend Simran is from India, and her mother is a henna artist. At the picnic, she did henna for the students who wanted it. Here is the one she did for Beth - freehand. She did a great job - I am so impressed that it was all done freehand.

For the third year in a row, Beth Ann had fabulous teachers at Heritage. Here are her third grade teachers. In the first picture, she is with Mrs. Grubb. The second picture is with Ms. Winant.

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