Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playing a little catch up

I haven't gotten much blogging done in a few weeks! First, I was babymooning upstairs, and the computer was downstairs! Then, I was just babymooning and ignoring the world. Next, my hard drive crashed. Finally, I got a new computer, and asked Trey (multiple times) to fix it so that I could upload pictures on to my blog. For some reason, it is not working properly. However, just as doctors make the worst patients - software engineers tend to NOT take care of their computers. He has showed me an end run around the problem - so I'll try that out tonight! I'm going to try and do some serious catching up for the next few days!!!

First things first - some new pictures of our little sweetness and light.

I love summer! One of the things I love about being a parent is the chance to make my kiddos summer break a super special time. I look forward to it every year. I get so excited when the end of school gets close. We do lots of fun things. It's also a big plus that I get to spend time with my friends, too! Today, I took the kids to see Journey at the Center of the Earth. We met some of our friends there (luckily they saved us seats because we were running late!). Then, we spent the remainder of the afternoon hanging at Cornerstone Park. The kids played hockey, football, various water and sand games, as well as hula hooping! It was so much fun!

On Saturday, we made a trip down to Parker to go to a goodbye party for our beloved midwife Ilise. Ilise is an amazing midwife who has caught three of my five children. Ilise was an integral part of getting midwifery legalized in Colorado back in the early 90's. My friend Heather introduced me to Ilise, and I am sad that she's moving away. Utah is lucky to get her though - she will be the only homebirth midwife in the large county that she's moving to. This picture is of Ilise, me, my five children, and my friend Heather's two children. I guess we HAVE to be done having children now! LOL.

Another sad day happened at the end of May when we had to say goodbye to our dear friends who moved to Chicago. There were many tears, but tears aren't always bad. Tears come when you love someone, so that's a good - if hard - thing. I'm sad to see them move on, but I am so happy that they are all together as a family again. We all miss them terribly and are looking forward to the day they move back (which I adamantly believe will be sooner rather than later!).

Tomorrow I will try to get the videos up from the last day of school. They are way cute, but YouTube is uploading V.E.R.Y. slowly tonight!!!


mom said...

Hey Honey, thank's the pictures are really good ones. And tell Laura she is really good on the hula hop, I am just speachless! LOL! Thank's again it's great to see you up and going so good. Love Mom

tara said...

what a fun looking day :) I love summer too!!!!!!