Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful, amazing, and perfect

My amazing friend Lara hosted a Mother Blessing for me yesterday. I've been trying to figure out what I would say that would do it justice, and I have finally come to the conclusion that it is not possible. It was the most perfect and amazing thing. Many of my friends were able to come and celebrate this pregnancy and coming baby with me. This pregnancy has been HARD - physically and emotionally. I know in the end, it will all have been worth it, and still it has been very hard. Having my friends around me for the specific purpose of honoring this new life being brought into the world and my journey into motherhood - again - was just amazing. Everyone contributed a beautiful part of themselves, and I was truly and completely overwhelmed.

I really can't begin to describe in words how beautiful the evening was. Christmas brought her flute and played two gorgeous pieces. She plays beautifully anyway, but they were incredibly moving. Probably the most surprising thing of the evening was when Lara read my own poem. It's a poem I posted a while back on this blog that I wrote after the birth of my oldest son. She read it with such passion that it really moved me. I never expected to be moved by my own words, but our journey into motherhood is very moving. That was a cool moment for me. They made a gorgeous birthing necklace for me (which I am just realizing - I did not take a picture of yet, so I will remember to do that and post it later!). Loelle freehanded a fabulous henna tattoo on my belly (I showed it to my midwives today and they were blown away that it was all freehand!). I love it, and I'm afraid to take a shower! LOL. I will actually shower, but I might have to tape plastic over my belly first! Regie massaged my arms and hands - talk about Heaven! Christmas (yes, she is the very agile one in the pictures!) made this very cool braid with my hair, and then Robin put flowers in it. Oh gosh, I'm still so overwhelmed that I know I'm forgetting things. At one point, there were children running through the house making lots of noise, and Trey was running after them shushing them, and I just started giggling. Yes, at most Mother Blessings there are very few children, and the ones that are there are usually very small, but it was perfect. Sure - I am a woman outside of being a mother, but being a mother has been the thing that has changed me and helped me grow into the woman that I am. Chaos and noise is a part of my life now and for many years to come. There are times where it gets old, but such is life! I wouldn't trade it for anything - I might threaten to from time to time, but I really wouldn't trade it!

It was a beautiful, amazing, and perfect evening, and it is a memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I hope to be telling my great grandchildren about the amazing Mother Blessing my friends had for me some day.


Carrie said...

Thank you for allowing me to share this special moment with you. It was wonderful and I love you!

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

How fun Misty! Looks like you had a wonderful time with friends and a chance to really revel in this pregnancy!
Your belly art was amazing!

mom said...

I am so happy you have such good friends, and can really enjoy them all together to help soften this time in your life, it's been so hard and is so close to seeing our little one being born. There is a time for everything and I am so happy for you to have this time to just relax and feel really good things around you and the best of friends there for you. I just cryed because we have not been together any during this pregnancy and I hate missing time away from you. I guess I will just hang on to the really good thoughts and just love the fact that you are doing well and all your friends have rallyed around you with love. It all looks so loving and the belly art is unbelievable, done with loving hands I am sure. Hang on to your sunshine and just enjoy!

tara said...

What a great evening!!! and how wonderful for you to have a celebration for this life you are creating :)

Tanya said...

Thank you for sharing yourself and your new baby with us!