Sunday, April 19, 2009

The umbrella clothes dryer has arrived!

It arrived right in the middle of a snow storm! LOL. Since we still have several inches of snow in the backyard, it'll have to wait a few days before I can put it up, but I'm still excited. The outrageously dry climate here in Denver serves at least one purpose - clothes dry insanely fast. Honestly, it freaked me out a bit when we first moved here. I grew up in the South. My mom used to hang out our laundry (on a similar umbrella dryer!) all the time. It dried fine. However, clothes hung outside here - even with no breeze - dry so fast it is amazing! I bought the umbrella dryer and a bag of 100 wooden clothes pins. I'm excited to use it, but I am still too embarrassed to think about hanging out the "unmentionables." Yea, I know - it's silly, but it is what it is!!! I figure that'll just be my own little quirk, and maybe someday I'll get past it, but until then - everything else will get hung out to dry. With as much laundry as I have to do (including diapers), I figure we'll be saving a lot of energy (and money!). Trey laughed at me because I was so excited about it, but he's getting nearly as Earthy and "green" as me lately. (I'm so proud!) I'll take pictures of it when I get it out of the box and in the ground. If anyone is interested, here is the link to the online shop: The Clothesline Shop.


tatgurl said...

You can put the "unmentionables" on the inside ropes. No one will ever see them.

mom said...

Hey just a word of advice cement the pool into the ground for it makes a lot to it's staying power. And remember you have a fenced yard so no one can see your laundry any ways. Godd idea tatgurl gave you also. Enjoy the fresh sent of your sheets, it is great!

Misty said...

That's true Mel, but I'll probably still stick them in the dryer. I know - I suck! :-) The problem with my "fenced" yard though Mom is that it is a sloping fenced yard which means people can see right over the fence. I'm looking forward to the fresh scent of my sheets! It's one of the things I couldn't really hang out before, so those have always been stuck in the dryer.