Saturday, April 11, 2009

A day in the life....

A friend of mine did this on her blog, and I thought it looked like fun. Here's the idea - keep your camera with you all day and document your day! Here's my day:
7:00am - say hello to the hubby who is already hard at work

7:20am - the little ones are still sound asleep in my bed

take the older munchkins to school

8:10am - have a snuggle with the little ones (Louis refused to wake up!)

Then starts the fun part of the day! Laundry, dishes, make the bed, vacuum, clean the kitchen (at least Livi didn't have school today because it was good Friday), feed and water the compost:

Work on demolishing what's left of the deck:

Livi with her "sledge hammer:"

Fold and organize the clean diapers:

12:00 Have lunch with the family at one of our favorite restaurants - Thai Flavor (I forgot my camera - but luckily Trey had his iPhone!):

1:50 Drop off the recycling:

2:30 Pick up the older munchkins from school:

At this point I have lost track of the time! We worked on the never ending rock pile and got filthy requiring baths for EVERYONE!

Take the girls to Target and Safeway while Ray waters the lawn and then Trey gives the boys a bath!

It's allowance "payday!"

Time to send the darling husband off on a well-deserved guy's night out.

Dinner time - chili fries and Tofutti bars.

Best time of the day - snuggle time on the couch while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Off to bed for everyone! Send the older kids to bed and snuggle down with a little Pooh with my little munchkin:

Here's the idea - your turn! If you decide to blog a day in your life - let me know because I want to be sure and see it!


Carrie said...

What a cute idea! I will do it next week and let you know. Thanks Misty for the cute idea

mom said...

My life is so boring you would just have to take a nap! But that was a great idea for sure. You only put part of it in photos, because I know what a busy day you have every day. But it sure gives us a good look at a day in the Spiva Family! It looks like you have it under control a lot of the time good for you!

tara said...

cool idea!!! you guys are sure busy.
I will have to try that this week