Friday, April 3, 2009

Greening up the inside!

One thing we've decided to do to "green" up our house is to get houseplants! The kiddos were really excited about growing things inside. I had a good discussion with a friend yesterday about which plants to grow and decided that I wanted a Jasmine plant. We all went down to Tagawa Gardens in south Aurora to look for our plants. I also wanted to get an aloe vera plant for the house. We came home with an aloe vera plant, a beautiful Jasmine plant, and a rosemary plant that we're going to plant outside (after the snow). We also bought some honey from a local farm while we were there, a pot for our aloe plant, and a decorative glass waterer.

We repotted the aloe and jasmine plants. We potted the aloe in a black ceramic pot that we got a Tagawa's. You'll notice that the plant did not make it home unscathed. Louis threw the big bottle of honey, it landed on the plant, and broke off one of the leaves. *sigh* He is a "one toddler tornado."

We got the jasmine to hang in our front bay window. We bought a smaller plant, but it is going to grow, so we repotted it in a larger container that we already had. It had contained some flowers that we had outside last summer. When we took it down we found this bird's nest in it!

I tried to pitch the nest into the compost pile, but the kids won't let me! Eventually, I'd like to get a pretty hanging pot for the jasmine plant, but I wasn't willing to spend the money right now. Yea, yea, I know - I'm cheap! LOL. This is how it looks now.

Both plants are living in our front bay window. I hope to get a few more including another hanging plant eventually. This is what we have for now though, and we love it!

A lot of people don't realize it, but indoor air quality can be THREE times more polluted than outdoor air quality. I'm hoping that having plants in our house can help clean up the air in our house. At the very least - it adds some beauty and greenery! My mom always had beautiful house plants when I was growing up. I used to have some beautiful office plants, but I've never really had any in my house. I think we're going to enjoy these!


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

How fun! I love having indoor plants. I only have 6 but they brighten up the room so much! Mom always had/has tons of plants all over the house. Amelia always has to go water when she leaves on a trip!

tara said...

So how do you keep the cats from eating the plants? If they are up high I always forget to water them, but down low the cats eat them...
The picture of the kids is sooo adorable :) :)