Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ray has ditched the training wheels!

Yes, we are slacker parents who have not worked with our children on learning how to ride their bikes very much. To be honest, I was sick for nine months which didn't make it easy to run along side a bicycle! Ray rode today without his training wheels! He was so proud of himself. He did a great job. These videos don't do it justice because I was helping him, and then trying to pull out the camera and get video. I know he is going to love bike riding now!

If you'll allow me a "mommy brag moment," Ray's literacy teacher told me today that he was a "model student," and she loved having him in class! Those are words a mom wants to hear.

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Pat said...

He is a great Kid and so good to his little sister! He is being just amazing these days, I am so proud of him he is a big boy! Keep it up Ray!