Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why things happen

I don't claim to know why things happen. I'm not sure if I believe that things "happen for a reason," or if what we do with what happens is what brings reason. I do know that I am very blessed. I have beautiful, healthy, wonderful children, a great husband, a fabulous family, and a whole group of awesome friends. Last year about this time I found out that I was very unexpectedly and honestly not very joyfully pregnant. Neither Trey nor I were very pleased. How could we possibly know what was to come? How would we know the year would start off with a crap storm? We couldn't know that the year would be full of uncertainties. We didn't know that we'd be without any kind of guaranteed income or that we'd take huge risks that probably wouldn't pay off. That's what happened though. Who could have known that our family's saving grace would be this amazing, little, unplanned baby? She came in and lit up everyone's life. I'm sure that the other kiddos feel some jealousy sometimes - I mean, they're human after all! But, they all love her immensely. She's the first thing they all gravitate toward in the morning. Sometimes I have to remind them to give me hugs and kisses! LOL. She brings joy into every single day. This year has at times been overwhelmingly stressful, but she shows us all joy and peace. I couldn't be more thankful for our precious, little surprise.

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Carrie said...

That was beautiful!!!