Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer break is coming to a close

We've had a very busy summer, and so I have not been blogging much! Oops. Sorry. I'll get back to it again. I promise! We spent a good chunk of today at Carrie's house playing. Our kids and her kids love each other so much. I took this short video of them on bikes and scooters today. The best part of summer is all the playtime we get with our friends!

Saturday night we took the kids to the cheap theatre to see Night at the Museum 2. Aren't they cute?

Two weeks from today, it's back to the grindstone! It's really been a great summer. Luckily it hasn't been outrageously hot either since our swamp cooler is still sitting on our porch. Hmphf. I should have taken more pictures this summer. Ah well - we were too busy having fun!

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