Saturday, January 17, 2015

When a chapter comes to an end

The past few days I have spent in the mountains with a really great group of people. I have the opportunity to sing for our university's top auditioned choir, and every year between the fall and spring semesters we have a retreat in Estes Park. It's pretty fabulous. We sing and bond, and it is wonderful. I am graduating in December which means this was my last retreat. I spent some time during the retreat out on the big porch overlooking the Rocky Mountains. It was peaceful and contemplative. I could feel that this portion of my life is coming to an end. I love this school, the department, and the people. Singing with the Chorale felt very bittersweet. I absolutely adore our director, and she is amazing. I love the people. Yet, I still felt this tug for it to be over. There's an emotional part of me that really wants to hang onto it all. The rational part of my brain though is whispering, "It's almost over, and that's okay. It's getting time for you to move on." Looking around at our "circle of friendship" on the last night, I savored every second and tried to get clear snapshots in my brain. The experience is something that I will always treasure, and I am forever changed by it. I think I'm ready to finish. I'm almost ready for the next chapter.

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