Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Make it happen

I've decided to stop living like we're trying to move and start living like we're going to move. I went through my closet today and got rid of quite a few things. Then, I packed some things up for storage. There are somethings that can't go until we actually move - like our bed - but the rest is about to be given to charity. I can't clean around clutter, and I'm certainly not going to move clutter, so why should I keep the clutter? I now have three bags waiting for me to take to my friend's for the charity garage sale, and another bag ready for the trash can! Beth Ann and I are going to go through her clothes this evening to see what she's outgrown and what she needs for the summer and next year. I'm actually biting the bullet today and putting her clothes on big hangers. I couldn't do it a couple of months ago. Her stuff is actually falling off the hangers in some cases because they're too small. I just have trouble admitting that she's getting that grown up! It just can't be happening yet. Boo hoo.

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