Tuesday, April 29, 2008

soccer day

We got an estimate on our window, and it's not going to be nearly as expensive as we thought it would be. I still don't know if our insurance will pay for it or not since my agent didn't call me back today. The body shop had to order the window, so we are taking it in tomorrow morning, and it should be fixed tomorrow.

I snapped a couple of picture in our backyard today. We have these horrible trees out there. I cannot imagine why anyone would plant ornamental crab apple trees! They are ridiculous. They are pretty for about two weeks a year. In the fall they produce about a million little inedible crab apples that are a big pain in the butt. For two weeks a year, they are gorgeous though. This picture is of the first crab apple to bloom out in our yard.

I found this little tulip plant out by the back fence. It has never bloomed before. Well, it hasn't bloomed while we've been in the house anyway. I cleared out all the bushes that were in the back corner and found this little guy. I think it's going to be in full bloom in a day or two.

Today was a little crazy. I did get some decluttering done though. I have a whole bag of things for our local La Leche League garage sale that is coming up, so that feels good! Right now Tuesdays are our busiest days. We have an hour from the time I get home from picking up the kids until we have to leave for our soccer games. I snapped these pictures at the game tonight. This one is our future soccer player!

Of all the games being played tonight, this game was by far the cutest. LOL.

Miss Olivia is the youngest person on the team, but she gets right out there with everyone else and doesn't let them intimidate her.

Finally, I just had to share this picture. You'll notice that Trey has taken the time to actually put on the sling - just not the time to put the child in the sling! LOL.

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