Saturday, April 26, 2008

Okay, so I'm starting this blog to journal about our journey! We are contemplating buying an RV or travel trailer, homeschooling the kids, and traveling the country for a year. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. We have to sell the house. We are go to try to do that anyway because we are really tired of living in Colorado and want to move home to Arkansas. We're still going to move to Arkansas even if we travel for a year, we'll just do it after a year!

We went to two different RV sales places today to see if this crazy scheme would even be financially feasible. We found out two things today. 1) There are plenty of trailers, fifth wheels, and even class Cs that would work for our family and 2) If the circumstances are right - it will be financially feasible! This could actually work - maybe. Gah! So many things to consider.

A) Can I actually homeschool the kids for a year? Will they hate me after a year? Will they be stoopid after learning from me for a year? I mean, I'm not an idiot, but can I teach them? Trey will be in charge of the math, and he is really good at teaching math to the kids. I'm going to have to be really organized because the big purpose in road schooling for a year is so they can learn on the road. I'll need to research the places we're going and find cool places to take them. I'll also have to see if we can hook up with some homeschooling groups across the country. The kids will need to have kids their age to play with sometimes - especially the girls. They are so social and extroverted. My oldest son is more like me, he'd be okay longer by himself. He's more introverted. The little one is still happy just being around his siblings!

B) Will we go crazy in such close quarters for a year? Luckily, many of the trailers we looked at today had a "master bedroom" with a door. I am NOT going without sex for a year! LOL. We'd have to really pare down. I think this would be the thing that would make me the happiest. I could happily be a minimalist. The kids will need toys though, and we'll have homeschooling supplies, Trey's work stuff, food for six people, plates, utensils, etc., plus all the other things you need day to day. I think we can do that though. I just wonder if we'll want to pull each other's hair out after a few weeks. Some of the trailers we looked at had enough room that the kids could have their own space which would be good. They almost always prefer to be right with us, but I think that if we're in such small quarters they are going to get where they WANT some space of their own - especially Beth Ann and Ray since they are older.

C) Can we afford it? This issue will depend on a lot of things the first and most important is being able to sell the house for what it's worth. That may not be possible in this market right now. Luckily, the houses in our neighborhood still seem to be selling okay, so that is in our favor. We do have equity in our home, and we should be able to sell it for more than what we bought it for. We've made a lot of improvements including a new bathroom. We have to finish the kitchen and do some more cosmetic stuff before we can list it. Also, we're waiting to see if this moonlighting job that Trey's been doing will ever actually come through. We should know within a month. If it comes through, it could really make a difference for us. If not, we still might be able to do it, but it will be much more difficult.

D) Am I organized enough to actually make this work? I'll have to keep track of so much stuff not just the kids' school. If this works out though, we'll be debt free and will only have month to month bills, so that part will be easier. Still I'll have to keep track of reservations, extracurricular activities, all of our information, the financial stuff, RV/trailer stuff, etc.

E) Will it be worth it? The biggest reason we are moving is to be closer to family. Doing this for a year means yet another year that we'll be away. If we're going to travel for a year with the kids, it will really be our only chance. It's sort of now or never. Will it be worth it though? I think so, but I go back and forth about it.

F) What will we eat for a year? I know that one probably sounds weird, but over the past year we've transitioned to a gluten free diet. Sometimes it's complicated being gluten free vegetarians. We're going to need to have a fairly easy menu due to lack of space. I am a certified foodie with a passion for cooking. There won't be a lot of room for that in an RV.

There's so much to think about. My mind is spinning, and I'm sure I'm not making too much sense right now. I know I'll be blogging about a lot of stuff from selling the house to Trey's job to which vehicle to buy. In the end, we may not even do it! It should be an interesting journey.


tatgurl said...

I SO think you should do this. What an amazing opportunity for your family. I wouldn't stress too much about the homeschooling. Just think about how much more they will experience during your travels! And they will be starting fresh at a new school when you are done. I feel that the possibility of maybe being held back a year would really not be that big of a deal when starting at a new school.
If this was at all a possibility for us I would so go for it!!
Can't wait to keep up with your blog!!
Mel (tat)

Misty said...

Well, I think if the circumstances work out so that we can (i.e. selling house), we are going to. Every time we talk about it, we get more excited!