Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Focus on your own damn family

Well, I had a lovely lunch with a group of friends today (okay - the company was lovely, the food was na-hasty!), and I even got a picture. However, the card reader has mysteriously disappeared again. It's a good thing they only cost $5. Sheesh. So, I'll post that tomorrow.

For now, I need to talk about something that is really bothering me. I read this article: I will admit, ashamedly, that my first thought was, "Ha! Karma in action!" The story just really makes me sad. These families have children who are affected by a whole series of bad decisions. This organization felt like destroying other people's families was more important than taking care of their own. Hate is such a destructive force. I know of one woman who chose to put her homeschooled children in traditional school specifically, so she could spend more time trying to pass the hateful proposition 8. She had made a choice to homeschool her children because she felt it was the best choice for her family. Basically, she decided that taking care of her family was less important than tearing down other people's families. I just can't understand that level of hate. The thing that makes this whole situation even more mind boggling is that I know without even hearing what kind of spin James Dobson will put on it. He'll tell everyone how it is just the devil trying to undermine the good work that they've all done, and to keep the faith! (Because that feeds children and pays the mortgage, right?) James Dobson is evil. FOTF: FOCUS ON YOUR OWN DAMN FAMILY!

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