Friday, November 14, 2008

My birthday girl

Yes, okay, so it's been a week since Livi's birthday, but I couldn't find the card reader! I'd like to say that I found the reader, but alas, I just bought another one. Livi picked Red Robin for her birthday dinner, so we went there, and then we took her to the mall for make her Build-a-Bear. Wow is that a tradition I regret starting, but the kids love it! Here is Livi with her brand new Tinker Bell earrings from Me'Me' and Pe'Pe'.

Here she is with her bear - "My Little Cutie."

After going to Build-a-Bear, we checked out the Christmas display in the mall. We had to ignore the Christmas display police, but the kids had fun.

Then, this morning we woke up to REAL snow - finally!

The kids are pretty resourceful. They wanted to play in the snow and build a snowman. I think they used every ounce of snow in the backyard. They made a snowman though! For a while, they were trying to pick the leaves out of it - they gave that up pretty quickly!

Tomorrow we're all headed downtown to protest the hate legislation. The kids all made their own signs (well, except Louis, of course!).

Last but not least - here's a belly shot mom!

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Loelle said...

Love love love the video of Louis playing in the snowflakes!!!!!

(And Happy Birthday Olivia!)