Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I love small towns

Before Trey and I moved to Phoenix, we lived in a tiny town in NW Arkansas called Pea Ridge. It had 1600+ people in it then, now there are well over 2000! Whoa. We went with Lori, Hannah, some of their family to a town fair in Pea Ridge. It's such a great little town. I have to admit that I threw up a little when I drove into town and saw the Sonic, McDonald's, and Subway that had been built! We went to this little town fair that had eight rides. I could let the kids run around because I could see the whole thing! Lori bought the kids arm bands, so they could ride all the rides that they wanted - and they did!
Here's Louis' first solo carnival ride:

Here's Ray and Livi sliding down the big slide:

Here's Beth on the swing ride:

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