Monday, July 14, 2008

Lovely Arkansas

The kids and I are on vacation in Arkansas, and it is so beautiful. Everything is lush and green. Every time I come here, I dread going back to ugly, brown, dry Denver. It's extra hard this year because I'm working so hard to get our house ready to sell, and we have so much to do still. Plus, Arkansas has gotten so much rain that everything is extra green and lush this year. Something that I miss badly in Denver is that you can't smell anything. You walk outside and there's just this generic ick smell. Here you can smell the grass and trees and flowers - it's Heaven!

I've taken a ton of pictures, but unfortunately I can't post any yet because I'm posting from my mom's comptuer. Hopefully, I'll get to a place with WiFi and take my computer soon, so I can post some pictures. We're having a fabulous time. We went to Silver Dollar City on Saturday. We saw Wall-E again. We celebrated my brother's 47th birthday with him on Sunday. We've taken the kids to the swimming pool twice. We've picked wild blackberries and baked a blackberry pie. This is summer at it's best!

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