Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Monstrosity is up

The "Olivia Doll House Bed" (no kidding - that's what it's called) is assembled. Man, was that thing a pain in the butt!!! Trey had a good chunk of it done by the time we got home though. We don't have new bedding for it yet, and the twin isn't up on the top yet, but the kids are excited. Here it is:

In this picture you can see just how close we came to having to take the ceiling fan down! Luckily, there is an inch and a half to spare.

Notice the color of the walls and some of the decor. It's like this bed was made for my girls.

We spent seven hours at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the fountains outside today, and I didn't bring my camera! We went with four other families. It's so nice to connect with our friends. I think the mamas need it as much as the kids sometimes. These are the things that I'll miss when the kidlets go back to school.

I took this video of Trey and Louis a couple of nights ago. I love it.

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Carrie said...

What a beautiful bed!!!