Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lovely evening

I can't believe I forgot to bring my camera tonight. Beth Ann, Ray, and Olivia went over to a friend's house for 3 1/2 hours to watch the "Best of Both Worlds" concert in 3D, so Trey and I took advantage of the almost kid free evening. We took Louie and went to Bar Louie for dinner. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice, mild evening. We had Bavarian pretzels. We listened to the music playing over the speakers. We chatted and relaxed. It was so nice. We stayed forever at the restaurant. They were out of veggie burgers which sucked, but I got their hummus, tabouleh, and tzatziki plate which was quite tasty. We were there for a very long time, and it was so nice. Ah, I feel so relaxed now. I just wish I'd have remembered my camera! Oh well, I'll post a few more pictures from our trip to Arkansas.

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