Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday, Beth and Ray had off school, so we decided to keep Olivia home and have a family day at the zoo. The weather was predicted to hit 70, so it sounded like a good zoo day. Aside from one rather loud incident (couldn't expect everyone to behave all day I guess - sigh), it was a good day. There were a freakish number of pregnant women there. I mean, I know I'm pregnant, so I'm probably much more aware of pregnant women around me, but this was weird. When we walked in and were near the hyenas and zebras - I counted 7 pregnant women NOT including me - just in that one spot. Weird.

We learned a rather interesting fact about giraffes - they are not to be messed with! There is a two week old baby giraffe who is absolutely adorable. He's so gangly and awkward. I was talking to the volunteer about giraffes and their predators. She said really the problem is humans - that adult giraffes don't really have any enemies. Lions will attack the babies if they get the chance, but they steer clear of the adults. Apparently, a full grown giraffe can kick a lion hard enough to decapitate it. Whoosh. They looks so peaceful and well, docile. Guess not! Who knew? Here's a picture of the baby.

And here's a picture of the baby with his father.

Last but not least, my favorite animal at the zoo - the tiger!


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I need to post about our day but I'm just too tired! I had book group yesterday evening so I was beat when I got home.

We turned right when we got there and made it as far as the birds then went home. last time we went we went left first. We planned to go by the giraffes but by then Colton was dragging badly!

I agree on the pregnant women. Also the many multiples. Right off the bat I saw three sets of twins and one set of triplets! Wow!

I wish we would have run into each other, how fun would that have been!!

Loelle said...

I remember always seeing pregnant women when I was pregnant (big sigh). I notice them now, but not nearly as much.
Too bad you guys had off today, we have off tomorrow (well, Elise) and THursday. Friday we are going skiing!
ANy more days off?

Misty said...

Becca - maybe sometime we can plan to meet you at the zoo!

Loelle - well Spring break is coming up soon. :-)

mom said...

Hey it sounds like fun all day! I wished we could have been there! It is going to be warm here for this week and we are so looking forward to it like now!!! Good pictures of the Kids and the Zoo your camera takes neat oh pictures.
Love Mom

tara said...

Looks like a perfect day!!!! And is it supposed to be that warm there in the middle of winter?

Misty said...

Tara - Colorado is weird. One day we can have it be 65 - the next day we could have a blizzard. Although, it is WAY warmer here in the winter than we thought it would be when we moved here. We've realized that it tends to snow when the Broncos play at home, and of course, every blizzard gets televised - so the world thinks it's always cold here. Not so.