Friday, March 27, 2009

Is Earth Hour important?

I'm probably going to get rambly (yes, in my world that is a word), so bear with me. Earth Hour is tomorrow. For anyone who doesn't know about Earth Hour, it is a global thing. For an hour tomorrow evening, people are encouraged to turn off their lights and other electrical appliances. At 8:30 pm (whatever time zone you're in - it's a rotating around the globe kind of thing) tomorrow evening, Earth Hour will begin. I have to admit that I am shocked by the cynicism has accompanied the push for Earth Hour. Apparently, awareness isn't important. Here are direct quotes from people commenting on the Earth Hour site:

"Those that "raise awareness" don't improve the world. Only those who build things do."

Hmmm, okay. We treehuggers need to apparently forget about trying to help the world:

"EARTH HOUR IS GAY!!!!!!!!!!!! what shutting off our lights for one hour? who cares really? all you damn treehuggers out there need to get a life."

And yes, I''m sure the one who wrote that didn't give a care about the hatred in his quote either - nice. This one is particularly good because it conveys the age old attitude of why make one thing better when other things need improvement.

"Let's save the earth today, then go condemn world economies at the G7 next week - What do you say, Gang???"

Then, of course, there is the attitude that global warming is a scam:

"I think you are the ones with your head in the sand especially considering that every single scientist, that says global warming is a reality, has a vested interest in it being real, i.e. their lives and living depend on it because without it they would have to get a real job. It is not different than pharm companies (which you eco nazis hate) who enriches themselves by doing research that proves we need to take a drug they just created."

"There is no scientific proof that there is such thing as Global Warning, and all you earth-worshipping fanatics along with Orson Welles-Algore are just looking for another way for Government to control our lives. YOU are the ONES doing the whining, because there are several in the U.S. who refuse to drink your grape kool-aid."

"Earth awareness" is a power grab bordering on a religion. Don't worship "Mother Earth" at my expense. You seek to control what people drive, make them pick through their trash, control what people eat and in general control how people live their lives. I consider you an enemy to the American way of life. I will "celebrate" "Earth Hour" at Outback Steakhouse over a fat juicy STEAK!"

"I say Global Warming ( Global Whining ) is a scam, and I'm gonna turn on every electronic device in my house during "Earth Hour", folks start your engine!"

These quotes came directly from the Earth Hour site. It just makes me sad that people care so little. What makes me sadder though is the apathy I see from others. I don't know what is worse - hatred or apathy. I don't know. Maybe it won't make a difference. My family and I will be participating in Earth Hour tomorrow. I'm even letting the kiddos stay up late, so we can "raise awareness." I believe every little thing we can do helps, and if more people did more "little" things, it would add up to a big difference.

I think that I have the soul of an "old hippie" living in the body of a "suburban housewife." The more I learn who I really am, the less I know where I belong.


Loelle said...

It *IS* important! I'll be honoring this with you.
I agree with you, the apathy is amazing, and scary.
Every little thing we do, counts, and makes a difference. SMall steps are the only way to get there.
Be the change you wish to see in the world.
And don't read the (bad) comments.

Misty said...

Thanks birthday girl! That's good advice - definitely should stay away from the bad energy.

Misty said...
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katiri said...

I actually went to bed at 8:30. Earth Hour is important in the bigger cities, where you can see the contrast between the waste and the need. Just hospitals, street lamps, traffic signals, and so on lighting the city. Chicago was once again a "flagship" city for Earth Hour. I hope the kids (those hipsters who would only lie down at 8:30 because the party doesn't start till twelve) may have noticed something different last night. Chicago's pics are neat, and you can check the site for your city, too. the word verification today is exesse--did you plan that Misty?

mom said...

Learning about our selves is a life long journey, and it takes a life time to really know where we are and were we really want to be! So hang in there and keep up the good thinking, you are doing just fine! Earth Day is important, and be a duck with people that have small minds!