Wednesday, March 25, 2009


With another birth approaching, I am trying to psyche myself up for another labor! There is nothing more empowering than giving birth, and still it can be overwhelming and intimidating. I thought I would dig out a poem that I wrote after my oldest son's birth. It has given me strength before and reading it now helps again.


The storm is building.
There are powerful waves on the horizon.
I can see them coming.
I can feel the energy of the approaching storm.
I am almost terrified… almost.
I can feel the first strong waves.
I gasp and revel in the power.
Then, I relax into the rhythm of the waves.
It’s comforting – the strength of the waves and then the lull,
But the storm approaches.
Slowly, the waves get stronger.
I have a moment of panic… just a moment.
Then, I gather strength from the power of the waves.
I am strong like the waves.
I don’t fight the storm.
I am not afraid of the storm.
I ride the waves.
I am strong, but the storm builds.
I think the power of the storm and the waves is going to drown me.
It is so strong.
I am afraid.
I can’t stay with the waves.
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, and yet, somehow, I can, and I am.
I think the storm is so strong that the Earth will surely break in half.
Just when I feel as if I can no longer stay with the waves, that I will drown,
I find the right current, and I am strong again.
I am buoyed by the power of the storm.
I hear the crash of the final waves, and feel the sandy shore beneath me.
The storm is subsiding.
I have survived and triumphed.
I am strong.
I have given birth.
I am a mother.


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Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Misty, this is so good! I can't believe you'll have ridden the ocean waves five times here soon. You are THE woman!!

katiri said...

Nice! Someday Ray can write a poem called SURFING! tee hee. Love you!