Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reflecting on the simple things...

I got this idea from another blogger, and I really liked it, so here goes:

Outside my window... My tree has buds, the sky is cloudy, and the grass is just starting to have the fainted green color.

I am thinking... How peaceful it is when the kids are all getting along, and the cat is relaxing in my lap purring.

I am thankful for... So many things - my husband, my children, my gestating babe, my parents, freedom, a warm and safe home.

From the kitchen... Dinner was a huge hit, and I think my two oldest children have either both hit growth spurts or they have hollow legs!

I am wearing... Maternity jeans, a Freecycled top, and fuzzy socks.

I am creating... Well - let's say "growing" a baby girl right now!

I am going... to send the older kids to bed soon, and curl up in my bed with my snuggly toddler for some serious Pooh watching.

I am reading... Lisey's Story by Stephen King

I am hoping... That Trey comes home with good news!

I am hearing... A movie coming from the family room, and the purring of my kitty.

Around the house... I am trying to declutter, deep clean, fix freezer meals, "Green" up, organize - um, nesting much? :-)

One of my favorite things... Cooking healthy meals for my family.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Hopefully spend time with friends, work in the garden, declutter, and find some local eggs.


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Don't you love hearing kids playing happily.
I think my kids have hollow legs as well. Especially Ashley, goodness that girl is eatting, eatting, eatting lately.

mom said...

Sounds like you are going a little heavy on the decluttering thing! And with a new baby coming soon, you are so busy! Hey don't blame me if Baby gets more stuff, it's my job you know???? I am so glad when Kids eat at my house and eat the food I cook, even the adults makes me happy to see them eat well. Just Mom

tara said...

What a sweet post :)

and I hear you on the older child eating, Cailyn has been eating more then I am at almost every meal!!!