Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A cool thing

My cool thing for today is that I won tickets to go see the Denver Gay Men's Chorus on Saturday. I've seen them before, and they're great. My good friend and I are going, and Trey is going to watch all the kiddos for us (what a good guy). I have pretty good luck with radio contests! We went to our first free movie, Nancy Drew, today, and then we hung out at the park with friends. Summer is awesome!

My boys are so great. Ray and Louis developed a new game last night. It involved Ray kneeling down and putting Louis on his back and the running around with him and crashing into the pile of clean laundry. It was way too cute. Here are some pictures (and yes, I need to clean my family room, fold my laundry and vacuum! What can I say, I've been sick, and we let the kids eat their dinner in there):

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