Monday, June 2, 2008

Ah, Summertime

I'm still not feeling well, so much didn't get done today. I took the kiddos to the zoo for a while. We did more sitting and watching special shows than we did walking. I'm still pretty wiped though. I did manage to actually cook for my family tonight though, so that's an improvement over the past few days.

I may hate the weather here during the summer, but I love having my kiddos home. Beth Ann gets out tomorrow at 10:30. I chose to be a stay at home mom. There have been many times that I've questioned that decision for my own sanity, but I always come back to the same conclusion. In the end, I wouldn't change much about my life - my location, I'd prefer to win the lottery, but I wouldn't go back to work. The kids are growing up so fast, and I love being a stay at home mom. I know it's not for everyone, and there are days it might not be for me (LOL), but I do love it. Summer is the best. It's the time I get to do all kinds of fun stuff with the kids. Well, truthfully, a lot of the time I spend chasing them or sitting under a shade tree while they play in the water or something like that. Sometimes I have friends to keep me company though. I hope that I'm helping them make a lot of fun memories. I'm sure they won't remember it all, but I hope they at least look back on their childhood and remember that it was happy.

Here is a picture of Olivia showing off her hairdo that Beth Ann created for her - perhaps she has a future as a punk rocker!

My son loves to play with the tinker toys that a friend got the kids for Christmas. He sometimes makes these elaborate sculptures. For some reason, he really wanted me to get a picture of this one though! So, here it is.


Gregg, Mandi, Lucie, Griffin said...

this post really spoke to me! I love being home with my kids. It means a lot to me (and hopefully to them) to just be there when the need and see them grow up. and they do grow up too fast!

Misty said...

Way, way too fast - for sure!