Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holistic Moms Network/diaper reviews

Tonight I went to a Holistic Moms Network meeting. My friend Robin is a co-leader of the group. Tonight's meeting was about simple living. It was a fun meeting. I saw another friend there that I haven't seen in months, and it was really nice. I also realized that I should maybe blog more about different things in my life instead of just the never ending, back breaking, pain in the ass, house fix up and mythical year of road schooling. I did get to share my knowledge gained from eight years of cloth diapering to a new mom, so that was cool. She had a three week old, adorable, little girl. Cloth diapering is just one thing that parents can do to soften their footprint on the Earth. I've tried many different types of cloth diapers. Some of the worst were Kissaluvs and Zippidy's. I'm not sure if they even make Zippidy's anymore, but they pretty much suck. The weren't very absorbent, and they didn't hold up well. The Kissaluvs were awful. The ones I had were fitted diapers. They just slowly stretched out. They took forever to dry. I have several Under the Nile organic fitted diapers. They're okay. I mostly kept buying them because my friend sold them, and I didn't have to have them shipped. I could just call her, and then pick them up at a playgroup or something. They're not bad; they just take forever to dry. Even if I dry them in the dryer, I usually still have to lay them out for a while. I use Bummis whisper wraps with them, and they're great. They don't leak, and they hold up really well. I use them for overnight diapers. I really like Fuzzibunz. They are pocket diapers, and while you have to stuff them, they're really great diapers. They work great for overnight diapers. I've never had them leak, and they hold up fabulously. I still have diapers that I used with my oldest child, so that would make them eight years old. In my book, that makes them pretty darn good diapers. The Fuzzibunz would tie for my favorite with the Motherease Sandy's. I have one of the original Motherease, and it's okay, but it's not very thick or absorbent. The Sandy's are thicker, and they're soft. I've also used for them overnights. The diapers that are my least favorite are the Bumkins All in Ones. They're cute, but they are not very absorbent, they take forever to dry, they leak, and they do not hold up well. Everyone of them that I bought, I have gotten rid of. I had to repair all of them, and most of them just fell apart. I would not recommend them to anyone. I think there are others that I've tried, but I can't remember which ones right now! So, there's my first natural living product review.

I worked my butt off today on the deck, and I got quite a bit done. I think we'll be able to get it down this weekend. I found that the porch has a crack in it though which sucks. I'm not sure how bad it is yet, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. Here's a picture of my progress.

This week I got an email that one of the founders of La Leche League died. LLL has been a huge part of my life, and I owe them so much. LLL has been instrumental in getting breastfeeding rates up in this country. In 1956, 7 woman started a grassroots campaign to get breastfeeding information out to women who wanted it. Over 50 years later, LLL has grown into the world's leading authority on breastfeeding, backed by a medical advisory board, with members and chapters worldwide. Seven women started it all. They rock, and the world lost a great woman. I have been breastfeeding one child or another or two at once for nearly 9 years. Thanks to LLL I had the opportunity to help many women with breastfeeding issues. Hopefully, I was able to make a difference. Here's the latest beautiful, and in this picture sleepy, face I get to look at every time I nurse.

Here's some pictures of my amazing children.

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