Sunday, June 8, 2008

The People's Fair

We decided to take the day off and go downtown to the People's Fair. We had a great day. The People's Fair is an annual street fair held in downtown Denver. There are arts and crafts vendors, food, entertainment, kid's rides, etc. It's a lot of fun. We enjoyed looking at all the stuff. We tried on hats.

I bought a gorgeous bowl with the money my parents sent me for my birthday.

We tried out the hammock/swinging seats.

We looked for our friend Heather. Being that it was a street fair in downtown Denver, hers was the fifth tie dye booth we saw! She had the best stuff though. I bought a skirt. She has a new design that is really cool. It's a tie tye alien. She was all out of them, so we had to special order one for Trey. She has cute kid's stuff, too. She has clothes and hats for kids that are adorable. My favorite are the tie dyed "Born @ Home" shirts. Here is Heather with some of her wares.

We decided to chill for a while, eat our leftover pizza, and listen to one of the bands.

We had our own dancing entertainment!

Louis took a good nap!

We let the kids ride a couple of the rides. The girls rode on the carnival spinning ride. You'd think that four year old Livi would be a little nervous on such a big, fast ride, but nope! Ray decided he wanted to go in the big bouncy castle/slide things.

After we left the People's Fair, we went to the mall for a while. It was a big afternoon for Livi because she got her ears pierced! I warned her ahead of time that it would hurt, but she was determined. Her sister stayed beside her and held her hand. That girl didn't even flinch! She amazes me.

All in all a fabulous family day!

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