Saturday, June 7, 2008

Denver Gay Men's Chorus

My friend Carrie and I went to the Gay Men's Chorus concert tonight. Out Loud and the Mosaic Youth Chorus also performed. I've heard the Gay Men's Chorus before and they are really fabulous. The concert was downtown at the Trinity United Methodist Church. I really had a good time. We took our oldest daughter's with us. Our friend Miryam's daughter Hannah had a solo with the Mosaic Youth Chorus. She did a really nice job.

Here's a video of their last song.

I got some measurable work done on the deck today.

We may have finally caught a break. After we pulled up a few boards, we saw that there is an old cement porch underneath the deck. It looks like it's pretty large, and the part we've seen so far is in good shape. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's in good shape.

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