Friday, January 30, 2009

Dagoba Chocolate!!!

Okay, so I though maybe I should lay off the blogging about contests - then - I came across a giveaway for Dagoba Organic Chocolate! Yes, you read that right - YUMMY! Not only are they a responsible company, but they sell chocolate - yummy, organic chocolate! Does it get any better than this? No, I didn't think so. LOL. So, the giveaway is here: Sage and Savvy, and if you want to check out Dagoba Chocolate go here.


tara said...

They make awesome chocolate!!!!

The recipe we used for broccoli soup was here

I used water with some veggie soup powder in it, instead of broth and I doubled the broccoli. Next time I am going to skip the velveta and use real cheese (yes I bought velveta for the first and last time in my life)

Misty said...

Thanks Tara!

mom said...

Hey Girl, I don't have a life and the journey is getting a bit bumpie! So there but I do love chocolate a lot! Hope you are getting a lot of it and feeling better! Love Mom

veganf said...

Funny, I've never liked Dagoba chocolate...really bland. :-(