Monday, January 5, 2009

Making progress

I am making some progress on my January goal of getting the upstairs decluttered and organized. I got a lot done today. I've designated Mondays as my clean/purge/organize days for the next few months. I took four large garbage bags full of stuff to the thrift store today. This evening I collected another small bag worth of giveaway stuff. I have to try and find a bit container for Ray's Legos and other building stuff. He needs a good place to keep them where he can keep them contained and organized. My problem is relaxing once I get done! I'm sitting here exhausted from a long, busy day, but I can't get my brain to turn off the "You need to go upstairs and clean X, Y, and Z" tape. Sheesh. Oh well. I'm too tired to do more today, so all that has gotten done is all that is going to get done!

I also made some progress on Trey's scarf. I got about 4-5 inches done while Olivia was in her dance class. It is going to be a very warm scarf - a little short though. In retrospect, I would have made it a bit narrower, so it could have been a little longer. Live and learn.

Here's a cute picture from dinner. Louis is really enjoying his Tofutti fudge bar!

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