Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Warriors? Maybe not.

Well, we gave it a shot, but we didn't get it done. We did get a lot done. (I even got a little demolition work done on what's left of the deck!) It's looking good. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to work on it tomorrow. Here's how it's looking, and here are some pictures of our "helpers!" I think we both need a good soak in a hot bath - ouch!

Today Beth Ann sang with her choir the Chalice Flames. They sang the song "Never Turnin' back."


tara said...

Love the compost bins!!! We have one that looks like that but we never cleaned it out when we moved in. We have been using 2 smaller ones and they are not enough.
Looks like it was a warm weekend

mom said...

Hi Honey, we just watched Beth's blog and she is doing a really good job and we just love it! I am under the name Mom in the google account so I can comment to you both, but I put in me'me' so she would know it was me! Good Job! Love Mom

Robin's Ramblings said...

Gotta love Livie and the PERFECT outfit for construction work! That girl is definitely your diva girl! (just like my Heidi!).

I think I got the settings adjusted so that you can comment! Have fun!