Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time for pictures

Okay, it's time to lay off the bitching for a while and post some cute pictures. My children turned my living room into.....well.....I'm not exactly sure what this is, but they turned my living room into this the other night! Notice Louis on the floor covered up in a blanket. Beth Ann actually picked him up and moved him when he fell asleep in the family room and put him there and he stayed asleep!

Here is a cute picture of a sleepy Louis. He was cranky and just went in the other room and fell asleep on the chair! LOL.


Robin's Ramblings said...

It looks like a children's library! With books and animals and chairs and blankets.... HOW CUTE!

mom said...

Poor little guy has to find sleep where ever he can, he has no bed of his own and has to find a new place every day. Poor little guy! Who is the decorator now a days looks like the Kids can reach the books a lot easier! Love Mom