Friday, January 2, 2009

It's All Good

You know, sometimes it's hard to see past a particularly craptastic week. That has been this week. All six of us have made an unexpected visit to either the doctor, dentist, or urgent care. This morning we woke up to a cold house and the smell of gas. Lots of little crappy things have happened too numerous to mention. It's easy to get down and frustrated. Here's the good part of frustration. When I get angry and frustrated - I clean! Three bags to Goodwill; three bags to the trash. The big picture is that even though it has been one hellacious week, things are still good. There's nothing wrong with us that a good dose of antibiotics won't heal, our house didn't explode, we're all together, and things are good. My dad lost a good friend today. Nothing that's happened to us is beyond being fixed or blown off.

Tonight the girls and I decided to be "girlie." They took a bath, and then we had manicures and I braided their hair. Ray's still feeling yucky, so he stayed on the couch and watched a movie. Louis decided though that he needed his nails painted. So, now he has green sparkly nails! Livi has pink sparkly nails, and Beth Ann has both blue sparkly and green sparkly nails. It was fun, and I am a lucky person to be surrounded by such awesome kids.

After this week though, I still think we're calling a do-over. We're going to pretend that we have Chinese heritage somewhere in our past and celebrate Chinese New Year this year!

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