Saturday, January 24, 2009

Interesting tidbit

Beware - this blog may just become my own personal bitch session for a while with a few cute pictures thrown in every now and again. Okay - disclaimer over....

We just found out today that our lovely government taxes severance checks at 41%. Yes, you read that right - 41%. Smart, eh? At a time when families need the money the most, the fucking government takes out the most. Now, unemployment on the other hand looks at the gross amount on a severance check. Nice.

Guantanamo Bay detention center is closing. Yes, I am glad about that - truly glad. However, Mr. President - it's time to make good on your promise to help the American people. I've got one place you can start. Tell the fucking money grubbers to pull their heads out of their asses and tax severance checks normally.


Robin's Ramblings said...

Hey girl!
I don't know enough about this blogging thing to know if you will get this or not, but, I clicked on compose at the top of your blog page and started my own! So... go and check it out! It is under my name and email addy that you already have!

ALSO: hey... give the guy a break, he has only been in office a few days and walked in with his hands full! I doubt that he even saw your check walk out the door! lol...

Misty said...

I read your blog, and I tried to comment, but it wouldn't let me!

And no - I'm not giving him a break. He built his campaign on helping the people - I want him to show some action from the get go. He wants to be the people's president - he needs to earn it. Don't worry - I don't just expect him to "know" it. I already have a letter drafting, and I plan on getting as many people as I can to join me in a letter writing campaign. Seriously? Have you ever known me to just sit around and expect things to magically get done? :-)

mom said...

Honey I do agree with you and it's so wrong for them to take so much money from your servance pay, it's just so mean and I do mean it! You guy's just hang in there and know we are all pulling for you to find something to help you get back on your feet soon. You are both such good people and things will come your way, you will make it happen. Love You Both so Much! Love Mom