Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hell Month is Over!

Well May, a.k.a. "Hell Month," is officially over. I just about killed myself this month. I learned that I am not invincible, and this house will get sold when it gets sold. I wasn't able to do anything but lay around on the couch today. I think maybe I have the flu on top of exhaustion. It's just not worth it. I have to cut back. I don't have time to, but I'm going to have to. Yesterday I got some more demolition work done on the deck. Trey and I got it loaded into the van. He had to take it down to the neighborhood roll off by himself though because I couldn't get out of bed! At least part of it is done.

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Loelle said...

Hopefully you can get rest a bit and allow your body to recover. You have been doing so much! You deserve a break.
Hugs, Loelle