Friday, May 23, 2008

Beautiful Ballerina

What a super busy but pretty fabulous day! Today was Olivia's last dance class. I love the way her dance school does their performances. Instead of having a big production, they have a dance sharing where the parents come and basically observe the class. It's more than that, but it is very low key. I love this dance school, and Olivia's teacher is really fabulous. They learn a little ballet, a little jazz, a little of several different styles. Here's some of the jazzy stuff they've learned.

After the dance class, I took the kid's the Ray and Olivia's school picnic. The preschool/kindergarten that they went to is really a great school, and I am so glad we found them. If we do sell the house and move, I'm going to miss them. I finally got one of the songs from Ray's graduation downloaded.

I'm still working on that massive landscaping project. I got about a hour and a half put in today. I moved rocks, and pulled old, metal edging out, pulled roots out, and cleaned the cement drain thing. Here's a picture of some of the progress:

This evening, I went to my friend Jenny's house for a ladies evening. It was so nice. I worked on my crochet and spent an evening noshing and chatting with some great ladies. It was fabulous. All in all - I would call it a successful Friday!

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