Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am woman hear me roar!

I am feeling pretty darn powerful today. I tackled the big, old stump in the backyard and triumphed! I got out the pick ax and hacked at it until I got it out. It was pretty old and rotten, but I still feel good about having gotten it out. Now I have to pick up all the pieces! Trey got the little stump out. He gave it a shot with the ax and then kicked it and it came out! Louis saw him do it, so he keeps walking over to the stump pieces and kicking them. It's pretty funny. We got a mower, an old fashioned reel mower, so the lawn looks much, much better. It was pretty cool to use the reel mower. It doesn't cut as uniformly as the motor mower, and you have to go over some of the spots more than once. At least we're not polluting the environment though, and we're getting a good workout!

I took a full carload of stuff over to my friend's house for the charity garage sale. When I say a carload - I mean it. I had something like ten big garbage bags, plus quite a few things like large toys, a table, a rug, etc. It feels good to get that stuff out of here. My theory is that if the clutter is gone, the house will be easier to keep clean, and it will be easier to sell. At the very least, it should feel much more peaceful in our home.

I have to take Trey to the airport tonight. He is leaving for his annual "geek conference." LOL. He goes every year to the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. This year he is a presenter. He and a coworker are doing a presentation about programing Lego Mindstorm robots with Java - I think. I'm a borderline technophobe, so I might not have the details right! He's already been threatened that if he brings too much stuff home, he won't be allowed in the door! Every year when he comes home, we have an annual t-shirt purge. He comes home with about 10 new t-shirts, so we go through the old ones and clear them out. He really looks forward to the conference, and I'm glad he gets to go every year. I don't particularly look forward to a week of single parenting, but such is life! It's just another part of "hell month!" LOL.

Since I still can't find the camera attachment, I thought I'd post a couple pictures of my kitties. The first one is Shorty who is nearly 12 years old, and the second one is his sister Lady.

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